Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why you must choose us and not others, the top 5 being:

  • We are all weather food and beverage outlet focusing on fresh juices. The fruit juice shop is an exploding industry offering tremendous opportunity for juicepreneurs. (Juice Entrepreneurs).
  • We have two model (Compact model and Premium model), offering highadaptability to most types of properties, small and large and giving them unsurpassed profitability
  • Our Take Away and Delivery Model with state of the art packing and packagingensures that we make the most of our kitchen capacities, without compromising on cleanliness.
  • We have created a successful formula for any franchisee to replicate and operate our business instantly.
  • Finally, you must taste the different combinations of ourjuices to believe us if the lowest cost of starting a world class juice outlet is not reason enough.

We are equipped to serve almost all variety of fresh juice. We also try to keep our menu adapted to local preferences.Our team of juice experts steadily carries on research work to develop drinks that suits taste buds of the people of various geographical locations.
Also the juice is prepared in such a way that it really unlocks the tastes of the various items that are put in it and you will realize that the juice is really palatable on a daily basis and Juice Factory will become your favorite outlet.

Apart from Juices, customers love our Sandwiches, Fruit Salads, Ice Cream with Fruits. We also serve Tea and Coffee as well. Kids love our milkshakes.

Our franchise partner program is focused on delivering the same standards across all formats. Our franchise fee and royalty is mentioned in the financial table above.

From the time, you contact us, with interest to start aJuice Factory outlet,You can expect to spend 30-60 days in our Discovery Process,at the end of which we will award a franchise if the fit is right for both parties. Our average time to approve your location, sign a lease, and get the store opened is about 60 days. However, if you have a ready property and want to start next week, we could fast track your request and help you get started at the earliest.

Once you fill out the request form to receive more information, you will receive an email that includes a link to our comprehensive Online Brochure. You will also receive a call from our Franchise development manager for your area, to discuss your business goals and answer any initial questions you have about the business model.

As a matter of principle, the franchise fee is non-refundable and is payable upon the sign up of the agreement in full without any option.

The typical size of our outlet will range from 200+ SQFT – 500+ SQFT. The location of the restaurant shall be close to IT/corporate/Office/Educational hubs, and in Shopping malls, High streets, Highways, Prime commercial space in close proximity to Railway stations and Airports, Large residential apartment complexes, Commercial hubs, School zones, etc.

Currently we are offering Juice Factory outlet intwo models i.e. the Compact model and Premium model. In fact, we custom make our models based on the catchment and if you believe that there is an audience for our products we will innovate to suit the market needs.

We will suggest a complete menu based on the location and requirements of the geography. The entire menu will be adapted upon the local preferences yet retaining our core items standard across all formats. Customers love our range of fresh juice that is tailor- made to suit the local demand. We have in-house research team who will assess the need for new items or any items which need modification or deletion from the main menu.

You are encouraged to do your selection based on your outlet format, but we will have to approve of it. Any which ways we have a team of in house professionals constantly approving the right locations for our franchised partners.

We are constantly reviewing locations that could match our requirements. If you have the ideal property for our outlet and are willing to be our franchisee, who will invest in setting up the outlet and will further on operate the same, you could send in your application. Please note we do not take properties on rent nor do we manage outlet on our own. All our outlets are franchisee owned and franchisee operated. We havetwo models which will match most market and location requirements as we are comfortable with all kinds of spaces which could deliver the experience we seek.

If you are already running a profitable franchised Juice factory outlet at your location for more than a year and if we find there is potential market for fresh juice, we could grant you permission for more franchises. Our management team shall assess the need for new outlet in your location and shall finalize the proposal. Existing franchises who would like to sign up additional locations will get preferential terms for subsequent franchise locations. We are extremely confident that most of our franchises will succeed in their initial locations and will automatically opt for lucrative locations in other regions.

Availability of geographic areas can change quickly as franchises are awarded. You will need to get in touch with us for more information on this.

You need to have:

  • Food Service Establishment Permit issued by the competent authority in India. Trade License for running a juice outlet by local authorities.
  • FSSAI (Food safety and standards authority of India) registration.
  • Medical fitness certificate for Food handlers
  • GSTRegistration
  • Labor License
After having all the clearances we shall provide Juice Factory license to operate our franchise. *all the expenses will be borne by the franchisee in acquiring necessary permits and licenses and could vary from location to location.

Our franchise program is designed in such a manner that it assists a new partner in all area of operations and hence background really does not affect the ownership and operations that much. Anybody with a penchant for success and profitability would easily be able to run a successful Juice Factory outlet. In fact we foresee a lot of businesspersons, women entrepreneurs, graduating students, IT professionals, NRIs, food enthusiasts, working employees seeking second career are taking this opportunity. We will definitely sit down with you and understand your long-term goals based on which we shall guide you on whether the Juice Factory franchise is ideal for you.

New juice outlets are set up to capture untapped markets and business territories can change quickly as more franchises are awarded. However, each outlet is sanctioned only if we know that there is enough potential in that location. We are interested in a long-term relationship with all our partners and are committed to each of their profits. As a policy, we do offer our existing franchisees the first chance to set up a new outlet whenever the prospect arises.

The selection and shortlisting of staff is entire responsibility of Franchisee, but we shall help you finalize these staff before commencement of training. We follow stringent practice and ensure that we do not employ minors (as defined by the Law) to work in our outlet.

The franchise is non-transferable, but if there are any concerns regarding operations we shall discuss with you and provide best option. But if there are any financial or compliance irregularity we shall assess the situation and take appropriate action. We can discuss this at length during our initial meeting.

The wide range of juices that we offer are consumed throughout the year, hence there is no seasonality in this business. We take utmost care to include the juices in our menu and ensure that they suit seasonal and geographical requirement.

The training shall be comprehensive and cover all aspects of running a fresh juice outlet in all the formats successfully. The training covers specifics such as maintaining inventory, monitoring the preparation and serving of juice, ensuring the outlet maintains health and juice safety regulations, resolving staff issues, maintaining the outlet budget, handles payrolls and over and above all making customers happy. We shall deploy a well-trained chef at your location who will be responsible for juice preparation. The salary and other benefits will be borne by the franchisee.

The term of the contract is for 5 years and the renewal is for every 5 years. The renewal policy is based on the track record in those 5 years. Generally it is extended for another term as we do selection of our partners based on certain well established business principles.

We shall share a complete list of equipment for outlet and cooking based on the format you will be taking up as our franchised partner.

No financial assistance is available from us. If, you are looking for help in raising the necessary capital, we can assist you on consultative mode for you to raise loans from financial institutions and banks.

No, we believe that our business model is designed to yield better financial results in comparison to our competitors. Each Franchise is commissioned only if it is profitable as per the company’s conservative estimates. Hence, most of our outlets are expected to break even in the second year of operation itself and grow slowly and steadily. However, in case anoutlet does not perform as expected, the company will conduct promotional events specific to that location’s need to generate traffic and achieve higher sale. Additional promotional budgets will be set aside for outlets that require extra support.

As a matter of policy all Juice factory outlet will dedicatedly manage 2% of all the sales that would be achieved to run the local publicity within their catchment. Juice Factory is concept driven and will primarily have its management as the guiding mentors in the decisive activities of promoting the brand in the geography of the franchisee. The brand lays strong emphasis on a very robust sales team that goes out to corporates, educational institutions and other types of customers, selling them our monthly packages.

The break-even is achieved generally in less than 3 years for any format of outlet. Based on our experience we can define a sound outlet business that delivers a very profitable venture. We believe strongly that our partners will operationally break even in the second year and get their entire investments within next 5 years.

Fill up the application form and send the LOI to Sparkleminds and we shall revert back to you at the earliest. Alternatively you could check the status of your application at any time on 080- 41512345 / 22267017. Also read the next steps and our flow chart of the process that we undergo once you send us your application.